Project Learn

" I can do my homework and have fun at the same time because of the people that help me with my homework. They make the work so easy for me".      - Lauryn (6th Grade)

Monday - Friday

3- 5:30 PM


 1st -6th Grades

Director : Wanda B.


Bridgeport public schools are under-funded and overcrowded. Our Project Learn after-school program helps Bridgeport elementary school children as they strive to keep up academically and socially with their peers in the suburbs. We work with children ages 5 through 15, in a safe, welcoming environment, providing assistance with homework, tutoring in basic subjects, along with the use of computers and others learning tools, and a variety of positive recreational opportunities.


Light on the Hill Summer

Enrichment Program

Monday - Friday

3- 5:30 PM


 K -6th Grades

Director :Geraldine Nelson

Contact Ms. Nelson

Our Summer Program started on July 11, 2005 with around 30 kids in attendance. The journey started when Ms. Lorna Browne and Rev. Doctor Marjorie Nunes wanted to start a summer ministry to help the neighborhood kids get active during the summer. They began the program and forged a lasting partnership with the Council of Churches of Greater Bridgeport (CCGB). It was not an easy beginning because there weren’t many resources available to start, but both women trusted in God and found a way to help this program grow. Consequently, the staff consisted of members of Summerfield United Methodist Church and staff from 2005’s Project Learn after School Program. The six-week program initially began with a water slide and the Zoo Mobile as our main attractions. Ms. Lorna Browne later left to live in New York, but Pastor Marjorie trusted God and continued to run the summer program with the help of the staff.


As time progressed, the Summer Program started to increase in size and experience. Our second year, we grew to about 40 children for all six weeks and continued to get support from the communities, The United Methodist Church, Council of Churches of Greater Bridgeport, and various organizations. Pursuing this further, during our fifth year we started to plan trips outside of the camp ground. Our first trip was to the Beardsley Zoo and Maritime Aquarium.  Moreover, our 8th year we went to Lake Qaussy Amusement Park, and that has always been our blockbuster event. Over the years, we have taken our time to make sure we have established a foundation before taking other steps.




We also started to initiate Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM) in our educational program. With a 1:6 child-to counselor ratio, we were able to focus on STEAM, because we believe that to be prepared for the jobs of tomorrow, the children will have to be proficient in STEAM. In the future, we plan on taking field trips to workplace environments so they can be excited about the profession they would like to enter. Getting each child excited about the future will encourage each child to learn even more.



Light on the Hill

 Food Pantry


Monday - Thursday

9 AM-12:30 PM

All Ages are Welcome

Director :Geraldine Nelson

Please Call 203-367-8783 for more information

Light on the Hill Food Pantry is a food pantry that was started in 2005. We have been blessed with many things such as clothes, donated food, etc. The busiest times of the year are major holidays such as Thanksgiving and Christmas. This pantry would not be possible without the help of the many volunteers of Summerfield United Methodist Church. We ask you simply to keep us in your prayers as we serve God one person at a time.


Annual Block Party

Every August Annually

Everyone is Invited

Please Call 203-367-8783 for more information

Our community Block Party is an exciting, spirit-filled, community event that is held annually at our church. The doors of the church are truly open to the entire community near and far. This is a time of fellowship, delicious food, games, and fun for the whole community. We want our neighbors to know that we, the followers of Jesus Christ, are loving, welcoming, and completely committed to serving Jesus, our Risen Savior and Lord.

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