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Every Sunday morning, several people come from all horizons to listen to the sermon of Pasteur Joseph Gagnol Lalanne in Connecticut. Every time he takes the stand, the youth shake under resounding Hallelujah, he teaches them how to love God. In this Church, the most beautiful songs of the American gospel have been sung in an English without accent and a perfect Creole.


Pastor Joseph Gagnol LaLanne come from Fond des Blancs-Aquin, this Pastor vibrates the city of Connecticut by his sermont, specially, when very often he invites other pastors of Haiti, Europe, Canada and the United States to gather around his organization,Joseph Lalanne Ministries, to discuss the future of Haiti under the supervision of Jesus, the Savior of the poor.

The sense of leadership that Pasteur Joseph Gagnol Lalanne promotes attract the American press which giving him a reputation of Community's assemblor in a living Church.


Pasteur Lalanne also tries to drain a massive help towards "Fonds -des- Negres" and the Hill of Aquin in the South of Haiti, continuing his evagelism and humanitarian mission , in the center of his native area.


Pasteur Joseph Gagnol Lalanne intends to create in this zone a méga-Church which can serve more than 2500 people, including a school, an orphanage, an health’s organization and a human center with possibility of financing social projects. Lalanne is eager to share his faith and to help the disinherited and disorientatedsumm young Haitians to find the way of the honor, dignity, good citizenship and social success. This is the first priority of Joseph G. Lalanne Ministries.

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